Interview with Stacey Shipman: How to Live a Balanced Life

Interview with Stacey Shipman: How to Live a Balanced Life

The reason why I think Stacey Shipman has the mindset of a winner is because she successfully balances all important areas in her life. She found her path to success in life through personal and professional development, combined with never ending learning.

Stacey is a speaker, writer and entrepreneur. She founded with a mission to promote health and wellness in a fun, practical and effective way. She positively challenges everyone to live with less stress and a whole lot more purpose. She is passionate about yoga and fitness, as well as living a well-balanced life.

She has excellent communication and leadership skills and she is teaching others how they too can communicate effectively.

Stacey likes helping others to succeed and she generously shared her knowledge and advice for the “Mind of a Winner” readers.

During a 25 minute interview, she shared some amazing tips, including:

  • 3 useful tips for “nervous or novice” speakers and presenters
  • Tips on how to practice yoga/mediation effectively
  • How to live a well-balanced life
  • The most important habits for success in life

You will also learn what is driving her to stay motivated every day and how she managed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Listen to the interview here:


Read more about Stacey at or follow her on Twitter @staceyshipman

Eva Lu

Written by Eva Lu

Eva Lu is an ex engineer who decided to give up her successful career and dedicate her life to inspire and motivate others to find the best in themselves. She founded the “Mind of a Winner” website because she strongly believes that success is a skill developed by persistent people and her passion is to motivate others to become persistent enough. Her inspiration and her mentors are self-made millionaires who helped thousands of people to change their lives and who managed to build careers with their passion and vision towards doing something what they love. She also helps young entrepreneurs with business advices and encourages them not to give up on their dreams. She teaches them how to turn dreams into clear visions and ideas, and ideas into actions and results.
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