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If you love writing and you are passionate about helping others you are in the right place!

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What We Don’t Want?

  • Articles written only to build SEO – if you are only interested in building SEO for your website, please do not contact us.
  • Articles which are already published on some other website or your own website. We want unique, fresh content, written for the “Mind of a Winner” readers!
  • Duplicate content. We will be checking to make sure that your content is original.
  • External links in articles. We will remove all external links from the article; if you want to add links to your website or on Social Media, you can add them to your profile which will be visible below the article.
  • Self-promotion or any kind of promotion. If you are interested in promotion you can check our advertising page.

What Do We Want?

We want to see your expertise and passion.

Every reading is an experience. We want our readers to have an amazing experience when reading your article.

Your article will be exposed to thousands of people. What valuable tips you can give? What problems you will help them to solve? How will you inspire them? How will you entertain them? What actions can they take after reading your article?

It is said that the amount of success you gain is equal to how much you share with others. We are looking for writers who are able to selflessly give part of themselves. Only when you do that can you truly inspire others and build strong relationships with readers.

What We Can Offer to You

We can offer:

  • More exposure and enhanced online presence.
  • The creation of your “Mind of a Winner” profile, where you can add link to your personal website and your Social Media sites.
  • We will add you as a Mind of a Winner columnist.
  • We will introduce you to our fans and share links to your articles on our Social Media sites, where we have more than 50 000 fans.
  • We give you personal branding and credibility. We only choose people who are qualified and who can give value to our readers.

How to Contact Us

If you recognized yourself in the above description and you want to write for us, get in touch!

We are keen to find out more about who you are, what you want to write about and how you can help others with your writing.

Please do send us samples of your work.

We will carefully read your email and judge how passionate and professional you are. You will hear from us within a week.

Email us at info@mindofwinner.com (Email subject: “Contributing to the Mind of a Winner”).

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