Important Tools You Will Need for Small Business in 2015

Important Tools You Will Need for Small Business in 2015

People who are running small businesses are always on the hunt looking for quick, easy to find and easy to use tools that meets their existing needs. These people are very busy because with their business being in the initial stages, they don’t have the privilege of spending away their time over inconsequential issues. If you are one of those people, you will need business tools that can not only help you get organised but enable you to do your work fast with better time management skills.

5 Important Web Based Tools for Small Businesses

Internet is indeed an ocean of information and often people get drowned seeking for important stuffs. It means people are unable to find the exact thing they need for and more often than not they end with the wrong product or service which does not help them in the long run. Mentioned below are 5 of the best web based tools that are recommended for everyone who is into small business. It can be a great boon for your overall business and help you compete better against your competitors.

Check out the following tools which are mentioned under the following headings:

1. Google Business App

If you are paying annually for using email, then you definitely need to use this application. It helps in saving time and money as it offers 10 free email accounts which can be easily synchronised with Outlook and Exchange Server offline. It also helps in filtering emails by activating the spam filter option.

2. Join Me

If you are someone who likes to share your PC screen with others, this is a great tool worth using for. It offers unlimited meeting and around 90 people can participate at one single time for a joint conference or meeting. There is a free conference bridge available where you will be able to communicate with many people at a given time.

3. SlideRocket

Are you someone who has to make presentations at regular intervals of time and completely bored with MS PowerPoint? Then it is the right time to use this tool and give a fresh look to your presentations. It provides stunning, highly intuitive and state of the art presentations that can help you leave the best mark in front of your audience.

4. LockedOn

It is a CRM software that is an ideal tool for anyone who is into real estate business. It has a beautiful interface that helps in targeting customers and builds a better client relationship in return. You will be able to get more listings and make more sales by using this application properly. Not only you will get super organized but it will help the business grow side by side.

5. MarketWired

Press Release submissions have become quite obsolete when it comes to promote or announce any important news regarding any business. Now there is a better alternative available with this particular tool. It allows you to share exciting news about your services and it makes use of best of the best distribution channels so that it reaches to a large pool of people at a given time.

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