How to Achieve a Perfect Life-Balance

How to Achieve a Perfect Life-Balance

How would you feel if your life is perfectly balanced?

Would you feel peaceful, relaxed, calm, satisfied?

Last two years I was working a lot to reach the state when I can say that my life is balanced.

I want to share with you some insights that helped me to achieve this state of mind.

Understanding Things on a Deeper Level

A balanced life means that you are taking action and working on things that are important to you.

Let me explain this.

Have you ever felt that something is not right, but you can’t say for sure what it is?

Do you sometimes feel like everything is out of control and nothing is like it is supposed to be?

Do you sometimes complain to others about “your situation”?

This “victim mentality” is the result of not thinking clearly about what the problem is. We keep complaining because the moment we express our emotions we feel a little bit better. However, in the long run this approach of “complaining about the situation” doesn’t solve the problem.

If you feel that your life is out of balance, the first thing you need to understand is what is creating imbalance.

The moments when I feel like my life is out of balance is the moment when I experience problems in one of the areas which are the most important to me:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Business/Career/Finances

In case if I experience problems on all 3 areas at once, I will probably feel that my life is a disaster.

We feel “out of balance” when we are faced with challenges in the areas of life which are the most important to us.

I used to believe that I can experience life-balance only when everything works ok on all these 3 areas.

The problem for me was that some challenges were constantly happening and I constantly thought that my life was out of balance.

Challenges are still happening, but the difference between “before” and “now” is that “now” I think that my life is balanced. Why?

I learned that as long as I define what the problem is and as long as I’m taking constant action towards a solution, I feel that things are in control.

As long as I work on the things that are IMPORTANT to me, my life is balanced.

Can you see how I changed the meaning of the words “life-balance”?

If I kept thinking that life-balance means that everything is ok, I might be out of balance my whole life!!

Instead, I’ve decided to accept reality (which is that we are constantly faced with life challenges) and I chose to think that my life is balanced as long as I’m working on things that are important to me!

My new belief is that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be perfectly balanced!

For example, maybe I don’t have a perfect health, but who does? As long as I’m working on it, I feel good. I know my body, I know what type of foods are best for me, and what to avoid. I know that physical exercise increases my level of energy, improve my concentration and focus, and helps me to sleep better and to feel better.

As long as I eat healthy, keep exercising and boost my immune system I feel relaxed and peaceful because I know that I’m taking care of something more important to me – my health.

As long as I treat my partner well and keep in touch with my friends and family, I feel good about my personal relationships. Usually when, we treat people well (and not expect them to treat us well first), our relationships start to blossom. If you are nice, respectful and caring to others, usually they will return the same!

As long as I’m working on my business growth, I feel good about my future career. As long as I’m managing my money I feel that my financial situation is under control.

A bottom line is to recognize that you are in charge of your situation.

You are in charge of your life when you believe that you are doing the things, rather than thinking “life happens to me”.

Keep Moving Forward

For me, the feeling of life-balance is feeling of progress on the most important areas of life. The only way to move forward is to constantly take action.

I keep asking myself “What’s the next action?”.

I want to maintain my health, relationships and business every day. Only if I take action every day on those 3 areas, I feel that my life is balanced.

Which things are the most important to you? What is the next action you are going to take today?

How you will motivate yourself to keep moving forward?

My team helped me to create this motivational desktop wallpaper which I’m sharing with you (click here to download in your resolution):



Whenever you see your computer desktop, you will be reminded to move forward and to take action!

Sometimes during the day I find myself surfing on the Internet, reading the latest news, wasting time on endless scrolling on Facebook wall or constantly checking my email. But whenever I see my computer desktop, this is the trigger that I should stop doing unimportant things and focus on what’s really important.

Life is Happening NOW

I believe that the biggest mistake people do is to postpone feelings of happiness for the future.

“When I have more money I will be happy”.

“When I find a partner I will be happy”.

“When I fix health issues I will be happy”.

Life is happening today, now, and the only actions you can do are actions you are doing now.

For example, if you have problems at work or at home and you feel totally out of balance think in the terms what is the next action what you can do today to improve the situation!

By taking responsibility and knowing that you are doing something to improve situation you can get the feeling of control even when the problem is not yet solved.

I have many ongoing challenges on many different areas of life, but I still feel like things are in control because I’m working towards solutions. In my business, I have goals which I don’t know yet how will I achieve, but I know that eventually I will find a solution as long as I’m persistent.

When you are making progress, you feel good about yourself. For example, when you have an important project to finish, even if you are not even close to the end, as long as you are taking action every day, you don’t have to worry about it.

If you have time to worry about something, that’s usually a sign that you are not taking enough action. You can’t worry about things and making progress in the same time.

We all have some picture in our mind of our ideal future (which is of course pure perfection) and if our current situation is different from that picture, you can either feel miserable because you are not living your perfect life or feeling great because you know every new day is a new opportunity to move your life step closer to your ideal future!

You have that power to build the future of your dreams, but you don’t have to feel bad if you are not yet there. Instead, choose to find happiness in a daily progress.

This is the key to life-balance!

Actually, this is the key to my life-balance (I believe that if you are working every day on things that are important to you and if you are taking action either for your personal or professional growth, you can achieve life-balance too).

I would be very interested to hear what other methods/techniques are you using to create a life-balance?

Please leave your comment below.

Eva Lu

Written by Eva Lu

Eva Lu is an ex engineer who decided to give up her successful career and dedicate her life to inspire and motivate others to find the best in themselves. She founded the “Mind of a Winner” website because she strongly believes that success is a skill developed by persistent people and her passion is to motivate others to become persistent enough. Her inspiration and her mentors are self-made millionaires who helped thousands of people to change their lives and who managed to build careers with their passion and vision towards doing something what they love. She also helps young entrepreneurs with business advices and encourages them not to give up on their dreams. She teaches them how to turn dreams into clear visions and ideas, and ideas into actions and results.
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