Question That Can Change Your Life

Question That Can Change Your Life
There is one question that has changed the lives of many self-made millionaires and the most successful people in the world. It has also changed my life and it will change your as well if you are willing to look hard enough for the answer.

Unfortunately, many people don’t ask themselves this question and if they do, they are not determined enough to find the answer.

So, What Is the Question?

The question that I asked myself at one point in my life was, “Why are some people more successful than me?

That was the first time in my life that I had asked this question sincerely and with an open mind, in a way that I was curious for the answer and not in the way that I was jealous of someone who is better than me.

I REALLY wanted to know the answer.

I was completely passionate and determined to investigate all possible ways to find the answer. This approach – determination, curiosity and discipline to find answer to this question – made the difference in my life.

6 months after I asked this question, I managed to completely improve my life, change my habits, and develop the mind of an entrepreneur. I am generating more ideas than ever before, I am improving other people’s lives and I see opportunities everywhere. I quit my successful career as an engineer and I’ve started my own successful business.

So what did I do differently in the last 6 months compared to the previous 25 years of my life?

Where can you search for the answer to why some people are more successful than others?

You can start by learning from others who you found more successful than you. Maybe that is your friend, your neighbor, your family member or your work colleague.

I decided to learn from the most successful and influential people in the world instead of just from the people around me.

I bought and read their books, I listened to their audio programs, their webinars, and I went to their seminars.

In the meantime, I discovered that many of them started their magnificent careers by asking the same or similar questions:

  • “Why are some people more successful than others?”
  • “Why do some people have more money than others?”
  • “Why do some people have better health than others?”

After asking one of these questions, they all found the answers and applied them into their lives. They added their own methods so that they were constantly improving. They never stop learning.

They all had mentors and they learned from someone who was better than they were.

The most important lesson that I learned and that I want you to understand is that success is not coincidence, it’s not related to the “luck” and it’s not a one-time achievement.

Success is a skill that can be learned, and since it is a skill, you need to practice it every day! It needs to become a habit. It’s like any other skill, like driving a car or skiing. It’s hard to learn, but if you persistently put effort into mastering the skill, you can learn it and after some time of practicing you start to do it automatically.

What do I mean by learning a skill of success?

I mean that every day you need to discipline yourself to do the most important tasks that will bring you closer to your desired future. Every day you need to learn something new and you should never stop learning.

It all starts by changing your thoughts.

If you want to start thinking positively, you need constantly feed your brain with positive things and willingly refuse negative thoughts. Eventually it will become your routine. I discovered that by constant positive affirmations, you can completely reprogram your mind (here is the completely FREE and powerful tool that helped me to do it faster).

The most fascinating thing happens after you start working hard to be a “better you.” You really start enjoying your journey to success. You enjoy life more and finally each day seems to be worth living.

You don’t live once, you live every day. You only die once.

Eva Lu

Written by Eva Lu

Eva Lu is an ex engineer who decided to give up her successful career and dedicate her life to inspire and motivate others to find the best in themselves. She founded the “Mind of a Winner” website because she strongly believes that success is a skill developed by persistent people and her passion is to motivate others to become persistent enough. Her inspiration and her mentors are self-made millionaires who helped thousands of people to change their lives and who managed to build careers with their passion and vision towards doing something what they love. She also helps young entrepreneurs with business advices and encourages them not to give up on their dreams. She teaches them how to turn dreams into clear visions and ideas, and ideas into actions and results.
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