Motivation is as Real as You Make It

Motivation is as Real as You Make It

I really believe that motivation is a really tricky topic for people. We’ve all felt it, and we’ve all felt like we lost it. The question is, where did it go?

The truth about motivation is that it’s not real.

I found this out about two years ago while building a business from home. I had hit an amazing income as a 23 year old kid working from home, in a short period of time, and felt for a couple of weeks that I had been stuck. It felt like the difference of driving on the Autobahn at a random hour and then hitting Interstate 5 in San Diego at 5:00 pm on a Friday evening. I literally went from not a care in the world and all the momentum you could ask for, to almost a complete halt with an occasional stop and go.

I remember going and hanging out with one of my friends who was making around $50,000 a month in the same business and asked him for advice. What he shared with me is something I never forgot, and am sharing with you today.

That is simply, motivation is as real as any other emotion. Emotions are what you create and what you allow yourself to feel. And they can be controlled.

If you are, have been, or feel like you may soon be losing motivation, fear not. Motivation is, funny enough, a lot like fear. They are both made up in our minds. You see, if you’re feeling stuck in your blog, your business, in a sport, or maybe just your career, and you’re waiting for that big boost of motivation to hit, I have some bad news for you. You could end up waiting a VERY long time.

The reason you aren’t as motivated, right now, is because you don’t believe you can succeed in what you’re doing. Either that, or you see the outcome of your future, and don’t like what you see.

What motivation was described to me as, was being able to see into your future, see exactly what you wanted for an outcome, and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you were going to be able to achieve it. For instance, wherever you’re reading this blog, probably inside a home or building, imagine a room next to you with a million dollars cash. I really want you to picture what that would look like. Now, imagine that money was yours for the taking. All you had to do was go up to the door, open it, walk in and take the money. Imagine you had access to a video camera so you could see the cash sitting there before you even got to the room, with a big bow on top, and a sign that said, “All yours.”

My question for you is, after you’ve imagined it, and after you’ve thought about claiming it as yours, is there ANY normal day to day excuse that occurs in your life that you can think of, that would prevent you from getting that money? Would being tired stop you? How about being too busy? What about one of your kids’ soccer practices? For me personally, I don’t even think the best middle linebacker in the NFL could keep me from that money.

You see, when we are able to see what we’re chasing, love what we see, and know we are going to be able to get it, we let nothing get in our way. Not sleep, not children, not schedules, not even excuses, period! That’s because we’ve found true motivation.

So, if you’re wondering why, after reading this, you’re still feeling like a snail, just kind of moving at the speed of smell, it’s because you, in your endeavors, have found yourself at a spot where you don’t believe you’re going to accomplish whatever it is you originally set off to accomplish. Or, the outcome you see isn’t an exciting one. Now, with that said, the first step in fixing a problem is realizing there is one.

Your problem is you have too much clutter in your way, causing serious doubt your future. It’s time to get that clutter removed. You need to take a second to yourself, and really think about why you set off on your journey to begin with. Here are some quick tips that have helped me snap out of my funk, clear the clutter, and get back to business.

One of the biggest tips I can give you falls under goal setting. I believe taking some time to re-write your goals can remove some of the doubt that’s cluttering your vision. Let’s say my goal was that I wanted to retire my parents. If I wasn’t even close to accomplishing it, and I felt like I had hit a major plateau in my journey, here is what I would do. I would sit down to rewrite some of my goals, and I would make sure to throw in a much easier short term goal to accomplish: a small win.

A small win is one of the better ways to help boost your confidence and motivation with what you’re doing. Nobody is saying for you to necessarily change your goals, but make sure to add a smaller one. If you’re a real estate agent, and you’re short of your year long goal, set a monthly goal. If that seems too overwhelming, set a goal of how many fresh contacts you want to make for the week. That win right there, though small, could remove a ton of the clutter that you have plaguing your quest.

Another great way to help get you moving in the right direction with your motivation level, is to make your goals public. I love doing this because, it provides a little extra incentive for you to get out there and accomplish something.

Remember that your goals are 10% more likely to happen if you make them public. Nothing motivates me like being the Babe Ruth of entrepreneurship, and calling my shot. It’s terrifying and an instant motivator at the same time.

If none of those tips seem to be working, one of the last things I would suggest, which you could easily try first, is to seek mentorship. Mentorship can do a couple solid things for you if you’re feeling stuck. He or she can share tips, advice for whatever situation has you doubting yourself, and possibly help with past experiences remove that clutter that’s plaguing your success. The other thing a mentor is good for, is accountability. Find someone that you share your goals with, and is willing to check in on you. Every now and then, we need that reminder from someone we look up to, that our journey has just begun and why we got started to begin with.

The worst thing you could do is just sit there when you’re feeling sluggish. Motivation is not something that we can just create out of thin air. You won’t be able to just sit there playing video games and all the sudden feel completely different. You need to take action over this feeling of lack of motivation.

This is something that does take work. What I’ve found out though is, after knowing this information, it was easier to identify EXACTLY what the clutter was that was preventing me from my motivation and clearing it become much simpler.

Jesse Belvin

Written by Jesse Belvin

My name is Jesse Belvin and I am the founder and blogger of www.7figuredad.com. I am a self-made 26 year old full time entrepreneur who is also a full time dad. I love personal development and honestly think that without it, I would not be who I am today. The fact that I came from a town with less than 50 people in it, built a successful business for myself, and retired myself at 24, has helped me really figure out that I have still yet to really accomplish what I am meant to do: contribute to others.
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