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C.A. NewberryC.A. Newberry is fascinated by diverse topics and believes in the power of continued learning. Her varied background includes event coordination with much of her time spent completing “whatever additional duties the job required”. March through October you can find her at the ballpark. Connect with her on Twitter.

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Lessons in Customer Service

Don’t laugh, but do you know what I love? When I check into a hotel and the toilet paper is all neatly folded into a triangle. It’s simple, but su...

You Launched a Small Business – Are You the Captain of Your PR Plan?

If I only had two dollars left I would spend one dollar on PR. – Bill Gates. Maybe you recently decided to explore uncharted waters and have sta...

4 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Success doesn’t just happen. Bill Gates has been thought of as an overnight success. However, after some research you might be surprised to discover...