• Graduation

    From Army Post to Post Traumatic to Post Grad

    I was an army careerist. I was in for the full twenty years, had a plan and a goal to retire out as at least a Sgt. Major. I was high speed, low drag, driven, and decorated. Then came the injury. I came back from my third combat tour with lung damage, a bad back, […]
  • Personal Development Plan

    How to Create a Personal Development Plan

  • NLP-Logical-Levels-1

    Building Timeproof Habits

    HABITS AND LOGICAL LEVELS OF LEARNING Problem Statement: Barely had the sounds of the New Year chimes and fireworks subsided, my phone rang. It was an old friend calling in to wish me a Happy New Year. I casually inquired what his New Year resolutions were. “None” he said dejectedly. “what’s the point of setting […]
  • Effective Communication Skills

    Effective Communication Skills

    Sure, you know how to communicate. We all reach a point in life where we can put words into sentences to speak our mind. But is that effective communication? Of course it is if you are six :). You might as well sit and think about how that six-year-old has better communication skills than you […]